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Lecture Theatres:

Lecture theatres are the training grounds for the students where they learn about the various conceptual and application based ideas from the experienced faculty. All the lecture theatres at JPSB are equipped with latest LCD projectors and audio visual aids for efficient delivery of lectures which helps the students in grasping the knowledge with ease and interest.

Seminar Hall:

JPSB Seminar Hall is the ideal venue for seminars by students, faculties, and professional association's members to talk and deliver lectures to the students of institute to provide them a better and closer insight into the working of their different fields. These conferences and lectures not only provide the students with a firsthand information about the working of various fields but also gives them an opportunity to get their doubts cleared by asking questions from our guests. Seminars and workshops are a regular and integral part of the course curriculum at J.P School of Business. For these purposes, The Hall is well equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual and presentation tools to facilitate smooth presentations etc. The seminar hall is spacious enough to accommodate a large number of students and one equipped with all modern technical aids including light and sound systems. The seminar hall is regularly used for student meets, guest lectures, Industry Interactions & Conferences, etc.

G.D. Room

We at JP School of Business offer Special courses and training sessions for Group Discussion. We provide helpful articles analyzing the rules for success in group discussions which helps the student in enhancing and improving trouble speaking out of turn, interrupting others or a lack of confidence about properly expressing themselves.

Computer Centre:

The computer centre of JPSB boasts of latest software and hardware gadgets. The cell is open throughout the day for students to excess information from web-sites and to prepare their assignments/projects. It has on its roll trained technical support staff. The entire campus of JPSB is Wi-Fi enabled. The centre has latest servers operating on Windows, with Software like Oracles 8i, Visual Studio 6.60, MS Office 2007, Turbo C++, Word Star 7.0 etc. The Centre is also well equipped with Scanners and printers (Laser, Inkjet, DeskJet Dot-Matrix Etc.). The computer centre is designed keeping in view the academic comfort of students and is fully Air-Conditioned with 24 hour power back-up.


After processing data one gets information which on further processing gives us knowledge. Library is the major source of this data, also a major source of knowledge. JPSB has a Library which is extremely rich in resources for learning, research and general awareness. It is spacious and comfortable; therefore, enabling the students to spend long hours easily in it. Library has a comprehensive collection of books, journals, magazines etc. We have books by Indian as well as foreign authors in areas like Management, IT, Journalism and international Business. It includes all disciplines of management like HR, Marketing, General Management Information System Management, Law, Economics, Environment Policy, Finance etc. We also subscribe to a wide range of national and international journals, magazines, periodicals, and newspapers and information bulletins of world repute. In addition to this it has DELNET subscription and an impressive collection of educational CD-ROMs.


There are separate multi-storied hostels for boys and girls located within the four walls of the Institute. The hostels are so designed that each room can accommodate three to four students comfortably. The hostels are provided with room-coolers, geysers and fly-proofing. The hostels have Aayas (for Girls) and Ward-boys (for Boys) besides female and male wardens who look after the students round the clock


We here at JPSB take care of all the factors affecting students, be it health, hygiene or entertainment. There are two canteens to cater to the need of students refreshments. They are inspected off and on by the school supervisor for hygienic conditions. The canteens have oven to heat the eatables and refrigerators to stock soft drinks and ice-creams. The canteens have STD facilities too enabling the students to be at home just a call way. The cafeterias here provide the students with a wide variety of homely food that takes care of their taste buds a well as health.


The vast fields of JP have facilities for almost all outdoor sports and games, which students can avail of. The campus has fields for playing basketball, football, volleyball, hockey, kho-kho, cricket, athletics, lawn tennis and badminton.


There is a gymnasium and a room for yoga and aerobics. There are instructors for those who need training in any of the above activities. The Fitness Centre is equipped with stationary cycles, steppers, treadmills, cross trainers and a multi-station gym.


The transport facilities provided by the Institute is not limited to the students being in the hostels of the JPIM rather the requirement of the students not staying in the hostel is also very well considered by the management as transport facilities has been arranged for conveyance of such students. It will cover not only the designated places of Meerut City but also the areas of adjoining towns and sub towns. The transportation charges are very nominal.


JP School of Business has round the clock medical facilities on its campus. A well qualified doctor resides in the campus, who is ably supported by medical compounders.