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At the end of second semester examination, every student of MBA will undergo on-the-job practical training in any manufacturing, service or financial organization. The training will be of 6 to 8 weeks duration. The college/institute will facilitate this compulsory training for studentsDuring the training, the student is expected to learn about the organization and analyse and suggest solutions of a live problem. The objective is to equip the student with the knowledge of actual functioning of the organization and problems faced by them for exploring feasible solutions and suggestions.During the course of training, the organization (where the student is undergoing training) will assign a problem/project of the student.

The student, after the completion of training will submit a report to the college/institute which will form part of third semester examination. However, the report must be submitted by the end of august during third semester so that it is evaluated well in time and third semester results are not delayed.

The report (based on training and the problem/project studied) prepared by the student will be known as summer training project report. The report should ordinarily be based on primary dat. It should reflect in depth study of micro problem, ordinarily assigned by the organization where student undergoes training. Relevant tables and bibliography should support it.

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